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Custom Cowboy Hat



The Montana lifestyle is versatile and unique to the West. Montana Territory Hat Co captures the authenticity of the last best place

The American West brings many thoughts to mind, and one icon tends to stick out amongst the rest; a well-made hat. With many different styles to choose from, Montana Territory Hat Co. is dedicated to designing and handcrafting quality hats unique to you.


Courtney Green, the brilliant designer, and creator of each hat has fallen in love with the wild nature of the American West many times over. She takes every client's specifications into account during the entire process from design to crafting, to the finished custom hat.


When we heard about how unique Montana Territory Hat Co. is, we knew we had to represent how well-rounded the company is. Our Bozeman video production company focused on who Courtney is as a person. A runner, a dedicated mother, a lover of the wild west landscape, and a hat maker. Each hat she creates has a story to tell, and each person brings that story to the hat. This beautiful cycle makes for an intriguing story that couldn’t go untold! We look forward to the final product, and it has been a creative project that we have had a lot of fun with.

MT 1864

MT 1864

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