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Fishcamp Creative is a Montana-based, world-experienced video production company that creates professional video, community, and captures the inner happenings of the outdoors.

What exactly do we do?

It's not all hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors!

We are focused on providing our clients with professional photography and videography to utilize on their website, newsletter, blogs, or wherever they see fit. We provide top-quality cinematography that is both visually appealing, emotion harnessing, and captivating through on-brand storytelling. 

Our Bozeman video production brand is ready to help bring your brand to an all new level! Ask us how we can support your brand and story with a large return on investment! Or simply ask about the most recent fish we caught. 

Either way, we're here to help, so...

Who We Are

Fishcamp Creative is a full-service video production company based in the heart of Paradise Valley, Montana. We create emotional and meaningful storytelling through cinematic means, and we love doing it!

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Fishcamp Creative Logo-03.png

Jody Marler


Jody brought his knowledge and experience of homebuilding from Chicago to Montana, where he combined his knowledge of his craft with his appreciation and skill in the outdoor sporting world.


Jody and his wife can be found fly fishing on the Yellowstone under the expansive Big Sky of Montana on any given day of the year. Growing up in a hunting and fishing family, Jody understands that there is more to a successful day outdoors than the obvious catch/kill; it’s capturing the small pieces of the much larger story. 

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What Matters to Us

We are committed to getting outside and capturing the best video production services Bozeman Montana has to offer. Together, we share stories, memories, knowledge, experience, and the simple pleasure of being outside. Because of the outdoor sporting world, we are able to live a purposeful life, and our goal is to share that feeling through video production based in Bozeman and Livingston with a broader audience. 

We realize that these beautiful experiences wouldn’t be as enjoyable without the great brands, outerwear, tools, human fuel (food and hydration), and equipment that we prefer in the wilderness. Each company we work with is a brand that we use to make our experiences the best they can be, and we are proud and honored to work with our clients.

Our Story

Fishcamp Creative is a video production company based in Paradise Valley, MT. We are a small company, focused on satisfying our clients. Our team ideates, films, edits, and works with every client from start to finish. We focus on creating the best representation of your story through professional videography and photography. We are always up for a challenge. Here on our website, you’ll find our showreel, portfolio, contact form, shop, photography stills, and more.


We believe in powerful, quality, thorough, and passionate storytelling, which is why we are guided by these values in every project we take on. We want every client to feel like their story is told with sincerity, accuracy, and in a creative way in which their brand is represented. Our thorough storyboarding process is where we make sure everything is representative of the brand, and from there, we can move on to film with professional quality shots. Our company is solely dedicated to quality storytelling based on outdoor experience and outdoor sporting. Our goal is to encourage individuals to get outside and keep exploring with the great gear we work with!


If you haven't watched it already, you can check out our Showreel below!

2021 Fichscamp Creative Reel
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We Work With Some Great Folks!

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