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Lifestyle Photography

The Montana lifestyle is versatile and unique to its own elements - perfect for exploring the durability of Muck Boot Co.

    Muck Boot Co. has been our boot of choice for years now. Why? Where do we begin! From their tough and durable build to the comfort they bring in the field, they really are the every-occasion boot! For us, it seems to be nearly every day we are needing a boot that is waterproof, warm, reliable and made for both work and life. Did we mention they are also stylish?

    Our relationship with Muck Boots is founded off of Fishcamp Creative founder, Jody Marler's ambassadorship. We have taken Muck Boots need for Mountain West content in their most rugged boots and run with it. Down below you can scroll through some of our favorite shots on a few of the branded sessions we've done for them.


Our process was to represent everything we value in the boot, stated above. Every shot was focused on various features and characteristics. From working with Jody’s horses to hunting in the woods, these boots have held up time and time again. Our photography became a visual way of expressing the Muck Boot brand as well rounded as the boots themselves.

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