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A lifestyle video of
fishing in the UP.

Fishing is an essential part of what we do, and when it comes to muskie fishing, find us on the water.

Fly fishing, ice fishing, open water fishing, muskie fishing, you name it. Thorne Bros Custom Rod and Tackle have been a consistent client, partner, and supplier of fishing equipment and tackle (and good times). Based in Blaine, Minnesota, Thorne Bros focuses on their like-minded community and the consistency that their bait and tackle brings to the sport of fishing. 


When the border to Canada closed in 2019, we knew we had to make an audible for our annual Muskie trip. We landed on Minnesota, which proved to be the right choice. Making sure the cameras were rolling the whole time, we landed a 55” Muskie and knew as a videographer in Montana, we had captured something special.


After editing together the mini-epic, we partnered with Thorne Bros, the rods and tackle we trusted to bring in this giant. They backed our video for our video production company in Livingston, Montana, and their equipment proved effective and reliable throughout the whole trip. We are a huge fan of Thorne Bros and feel lucky to have continued our memorable trips with them.

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