A mini documentary on passion and craft.


How does an outdoor sporting lifestyle brand continue to capture creative stories in different environments?


Always start where you know best, and we know the outdoors; the wild is our playground. But, for a company that is in the business of capturing stories and telling a creative truth, there is quite a bit beyond the outdoor sporting world. And so, how do we take the unique perspective and approach we have developed and use it in an effective way to continue telling stories in any environment?


The types of people who venture into the outdoors do it for two reasons: passion and craft. Passion is the greatest alarm clock, the warmest coat, and the strongest reason; when you are passionate, you simply “do” because you must. And with craft, it’s the accumulation of time and energy spent doing the same thing over and over... and over and over. Only by stripping down what we know of our own industry to passion and craft can we see how those elements play into every other field, environment, and person.