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Hands stamping a Moccasin


A mini documentary on passion and craft.

Shauna White Bear. From working at a shoe and boot repair shop to now owning her own blossoming handcrafted moccasin company, Shauna is focused on making the most quality product she possibly can. 


Our mini-documentary focused around White Bear Moccasins explores the power of where we came from, how we got here, and who we are. From the get-go, it was obvious to us that White Bear Moccasins was more than a Moccasin company, it was an elaborate story waiting to be told. Being a video production company from Bozeman, we couldn’t hold back from diving into the story!


Also featured in The Craft, Shauna and the team at White Bear Moccasins have been a joy to work with, as we listen intently to each story of how and why she spends her time dedicated to the making of her handmade moccasins. 

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